Are you available right now?

Like everyone else in London, I lead a very busy life and am usually not available for last-minute bookings. Therefore I strongly advise to enquire and book as early as possible. I sometimes hold incall days in upscale hotels for which my same-day availability might be a tad more flexible. I usually post about these on Twitter.

Do you see black/asian/60+/disabled clients?

Yes, of course! This question always surprises (and saddens) me a bit. I don’t discriminate in any way. As long as you’re respectful and have immaculate personal hygiene, I am happy to see you.

Do you see women/couples?

Absolutely! I am genuinely bisexual and these are some of my favourite kind of bookings. Please add 50% of my usual rate for a couple booking. I would also like to communicate with both partners before our meet to make sure we all agree on and are comfortable with the planned scenario.

Three- or moresomes?

Please! I am currently working on a duo page but me and my good friend Amelia have had several electrifying adventures together so far, and always lust for more excitement.

Where are you from?

Originally hailing from the Austrian Alps, I have been in London for almost a decade now (only interrupted by a few months in Berlin – lots of louche stories about that time!). I also have Scottish heritage that you can supposedly hear after I’ve had a few drinks – so those expecting a traditional Austrian accent I must sadly disappoint! (I do a great Arnie impression though – if that’s your thing).

Can I bring you a gift?

While certainly not expected, always appreciated! Books – I absolutely love to read and enjoy being introduced to someone else’s favourite authors. Flowers – yes, I know, I know, a bit clich√©… but how can a girl not adore being gifted beautiful flowers? Chocolates and other treats – vegan, if possible! I also love scented candles, silver jewellery and erotic art. Gift cards – Asos, AP, Intimissimi, Waterstones or Amazon.

Can I write you a review?

I welcome all testimonials sent to me that I can post on here! Reviews on other sites are appreciated but only if they’re tasteful, discrete and well-written. Please let me know if you intend on reviewing me in this way. I am not a fan of explicit writings, as I feel like it cheapens an experience that is meant for our eyes (and minds) only. Please email me if you have any further questions regarding this.